Student / Modo Teacher

Why do you love the Modo community?

I love the Modo community because it’s like having a second family.

Why do you teach yoga?

To attempt to give back a sense of personal peace and community that I am so fortunate to receive as a Student.

What yoga certifications do you have?

200hr Corepower Yoga (2014); 500hr Modo Yoga Level 1 (2016)

If you were an animal, what would it be?

A hippo. They love being in the water, are fast when they need to be, and are vegetarian.

You have one day completely to yourself in Columbus.  What do you do?

Take my dog Louie for a morning jog. Hit a local Grandview coffee shop on our way home. Teach and/or take a class at Modo Yoga. Cook a delish vegan dinner for my husband Jameson and I.

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

Reverse Warrior. Such a great balance of strength and stretch, while working your body in opposite directions.

You can only eat at one Columbus restaurant for the rest of your life.  What is it?

The hardest question!! A combination of Third & Hollywood and Brassica.