Digging Deep – April 15, 2019

We all know that moment. We’ve seen it in movies.  It’s the 15th and final round of Rocky’s bout with Apollo Creed. He’s in bad shape and protecting his right side, his ribs are badly battered. There’s a lot of face punches and things look bad for Rocky. Then that moment happens… the moment when Rocky digs deep and finds the fire. It’s a steely, robotic determination and he finishes off Creed the way a cherry finishes off a sundae, except way more violent. Rocky beats Apollo senseless and pins him to the ropes. The whole crowd cheers and chants Rocky’s name over and over. That moment.

No matter what you call that feeling that takes over when the chips are down and the tide feels like its highest, achieving a fitness goal can depend upon accessing it. So many of us have taken on the 30 day challenge and while we may not believe completing a yoga goal demands the same kind of digging deep as Rocky Balboan fire punches, it can require us to find our personal edge. Here are a few ways to help keep your fire lit.

Get creative.

Ever wonder why you crave the feeling of putting a sticker on the challenge boards after a class? We love to measure our progress! Having a visual representation of your goal can be very helpful by reminding you exactly how far you’ve gone towards completing it. Maybe you prefer to keep a fitness journal where you can jot down three adjectives about your workout. Reviewing last week’s adjectives can allow you to see how your practice is improving.

Make room for your goal and celebrate at the finish line.

One of the reasons I love Grow Your Yoga is the promise of getting my congratulatory line of stickers from Michelle at the end of thirty days when I’ve succeeded in the challenge. (It’s gonna happen one day.) Give yourself a clear ‘finish-line’ and revel in your end zone dance. Splurge on a dance coach for choreography if you’re feeling extra.

Be the I in Team.

Involve others in your workout plan in order that you may share in the glory of attaining a team goal. Not only do team fitness goals ensure company at the finish line, they can keep you accountable. On those days when you need to dig deep, being accountable to our #squadgoals can be just the inspiration we need to pin our own metaphorical Apollo Creed to those hypothetical ropes.

Now I know you’re thinking ‘hey it was a split decision and technically Rocky lost that fight,’ but Rocky didn’t care because Adrian got into the ring and they hugged and celebrated that his punches were made of pure gold. In that moment he knew he was the real winner.

So as spring pins winter to the ropes, here’s hoping your 30 day challenge is a TKO.