Lauren Moore


Yoga is a practice that acts as an everyday outlet, taking me to a place free of worrying, thinking, anticipating, and a way to achieve artistic freedom. Throughout my years studying printmaking at OCADU in Toronto, often I struggled to find inspiration. It wasn’t until my final thesis year where I discovered my artistic voice through my yoga practice at Modo Danforth. I was amazed on how yoga provided an outlet that let my mind calm down and stop racing with negative thoughts and anxiety. Not having to search for inspiration I simply felt this through my yoga; it is what brings me happiness, that sweetness, and that wholeness that I radiate everyday. By tapping into my yoga routine, using a thirty-day challenge as my foundation, and journaling my thoughts each day, I found a way to connect yoga to my artwork. I send much gratitude to my on-and-off the mat practice, allowing for my inner artist to shine.