Deepen Your Practice

This module is open to all, even those who don’t intend to teach. Deepen Your Practice is designed to be completed over the course of 12 weeks and consists mainly of pre-recorded content, complemented by live Q&A sessions and live yoga classes. However, you will have one year to complete the program if you would like to study at a more relaxed pace. In Deepen Your Practice you will explore the following lecture series: 


1. How and Why We Practice with Ted Grand: 

-an introduction to neuroscience and physiology 

-the science of meditation 

-the benefits of physical asanas based off modern scientific studies


2. The Heart of Practice with Jessica Robertson:

-exploring the Yamas & Niyamas

-how to taking yoga off the mat 

-yoga as activism


3. History & Philosophy of Yoga with Vikram Singh: 

-the historical roots of yoga 

-how yoga was introduced to western culture 

-the Bhagavad Gita

-the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 


4. Mindfulness with Lena LaForet: 

-intro to meditation

-mindfulness practices 

-the 3 gems of Buddhism 

-developing a mindful relationship with technology


5. Dismantling Racism & Oppression with Tai Salih: 

-cultural appropriation

-white supremacy

-spiritual bypassing 



6. Personal Exploration with New Hire: 

-goal setting 


-building interpersonal relationship skills

-building conflict resolution skills 


Throughout each module there will be mandatory quizzes and assignments to support your progress.  We will also offer weekly live Q&A sessions, weekly live group yoga classes, and weekly live study hall. The live sessions are scheduled over a 12 week period and reflect the order of the pre-recorded content as a resource to connect with your lecturers and fellow students in an interactive setting. Please note that these sessions will be recorded for participants who are not able to join in live time.  

Important to Note:  The Deepen Your Practice component accounts for 100 hours of study. The successful completion of this portion of the training does not qualify you to teach yoga until the subsequent component, Learn to Teach, is also completed. 

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