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Every studio in our community is guided by our 6 pillars.

Karma Classes

Since 2004, Modo Studios have collectively raised over 3.2 million dollars, thanks in part to our Karma Classes.

Throughout the summer Modo Yoga is offering Livestream Modo Karma classes taught by and in support of BIPOC. Virtual Modo Karma classes are 60 minute Hatha Yoga classes that are attended by donation. 100% of all funds raised from these classes, between June 19th and August 28th, will go to organizations that support Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour. The Modo Yoga sequence is an accessible yet challenging Hatha Yoga practice that is ideal for all levels of practitioners, whether you are brand new, or have been practicing yoga for a long time. Each teacher has selected their organization of choice. Sign up for Livestream Modo Karma classes at modoyoga.com


Our commitment to the Be Green Pillar runs deep. We construct sustainable studios and power them with renewable energy. Our activist roots inspire our community campaigns which raise funds to help protect the environment. Through these efforts we are proud to help create a more sustainable future.

By reducing our collective footprint, we can help protect the earth for generations to come. By raising awareness and making conscious choices, we can truly make a difference. Not sure where to start? Bring a reuseable water bottle to class, buy your yoga clothes second hand, get to the studio by walking, biking, or taking transit - there are countless ways to bring the Be Green Pillar into your own life.