As of June 1, 2022, Modo East Van will be updating our dress code. Students of ALL GENDERS will be required to wear clothing that covers their chest.


We realized that it wasn’t fair that not everybody gets to be topless at the yoga studio. To make it more fair and have gym dress code rules for all students (just like any other fitness space), everyone must now wear a top. If you want to know more, please read our FAQs available in studio or on our website.



If you have a confirmed spot in class you MUST BE AT THE STUDIO BY 5 MIN BEFORE CLASS BEGINS or your spot will be given to the someone on the waitlist. Let us say it again: you must be at the studio 5 minutes before class or someone on the waitlist will get your spot.


If a class is full on our online booking system you can still sign up for our online waitlist. If a student cancels and you’re moved from the online waitlist into class you’ll receive an automatic email.


At the studio before class, our in person waitlist priority goes to those who are on the online waitlist, and then to those who have shown up in person and not previously signed up online.



We charge $10 for cancelling late (within 4 hours of the class start time) and $20 for no-shows (not cancelling yourself out of class and not showing up for class). This does not apply to Karma classes. If you need to cancel your class you must do so at least 4 hours in advance. This gives time for other people to sign up for class. Thank you for understanding and for supporting your fellow students by freeing up a spot if you’re not able to come.



We start classes promptly and we don’t allow latecomers in once class has started. Please arrive 5 min before class to guarantee your spot (see waitlist info above), put your belongings in the changeroom, and settle onto your mat.