We recently upgraded our technology please reset your password and update your billing information, click here.



  • All memberships (other than the intro month) are auto-renewing, and require a minimum 2-payment commitment.
  • The membership fee will be billed to your credit card every 28 days.
  • We require 14 days cancellation notice in writing if you want to cancel your membership.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate membership contract agreements with 30 days written notice.
  • Need to cancel right away? You can waive the 14 days notice requirement by paying an early cancellation fee of $50.
  • Memberships are subject to up to a 5% year-over-year price increase.
  • Need to pause your membership? We offer one suspension per year for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months. Additional holds in a calendar year are subject to a $75 administrative fee.
    • Membership suspensions cannot be applied retroactively (set for a date in the past), and email confirmation must be provided before the suspension can be confirmed.
  • Student, senior & BIPOC discounts are available! Please see us at the front desk for more information.




  • All passes are non-refundable once purchased.
  • Online registration is limited to clients who hold class packages (Intro Specials, Class Cards & Memberships). Single pass Drop-Ins can be purchase in-studio only.
  • Class cards expire after 12 months.
  • If you preregister for class, our early (free) cancellation window ends 4 hours prior to class start time. A late cancellation fee of $17.50 will be charged to your account – or you’ll be deducted a class from a class card on file – for late cancellations (within 4 hours of class’ start time) or no-shows.
  • Student, senior & BIPOC discounts are available! Please see us at the front desk for more information.



Hoping to drop-in for a single class?! Single class drop-in passes are now available on a walk-in basis only (check current class capacity here). Drop-In reservations cannot be made by phone or email. Instead, please arrive early to secure your spot, or purchase a pass online: all pre-registration is now reserved for autopay members, class card holders, and folks on the intro special pass!



As of June 1, 2022, Modo East Van will be updating our dress code. Students of ALL GENDERS will be required to wear clothing that covers their chest.

We’ve realized that it isn’t fair that not everybody gets to be topless at the yoga studio, and that this also could present safety concerns to some members of our studio. To make sure everyone feels safe & comfortable in our space, and to create more equity, we have instituted gym dress code rules for all students (just like any other fitness space), meaning everyone must now wear a top. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!



If you have a confirmed spot in class you MUST BE AT THE STUDIO BY 5 MIN BEFORE CLASS BEGINS or your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist. Let us say it again: you must be at the studio 5 minutes before class or someone on the waitlist will get your spot.


If a class is full on our online booking system you can still sign up for our online waitlist. If a student cancels and you’re moved from the online waitlist into class you’ll receive an automatic email.


Here are a couple more details pertaining to how we use the waitlist during the busy seasons at the studio:
  • We always do our best to get in touch with you in advance if you get bumped into class off the waitlist. If you add yourself to a waitlist, please ensure you are checking your text messages / emails / phone messages leading up to class! If you are bumped into class off the waitlist and you do not come to class, our normal no-show fee ($20) will be charged to your account.
  • At the time of sign-in, priority for open spots in class is given to folks who are on the online waitlist & who have an active, paid pass (intro special, membership, class card). That means that if you want to be first in the queue for an open spot, you need to be first in the queue on the online waitlist with a paid pass. Folks hoping to purchase a single pass drop-in are not eligible for waitlist privileges.
  • At the ‘5-minute-to-start-of-class’ mark, we begin opening spots to those who are in the queue. You must be present in-person at this time to claim your spot. If you are not present, you’ll be removed from the queue and your spot in class will go the next individual who is physically present in-studio.
We appreciate your cooperation & patience as we approach this busy time of year here at the studio!



We charge a fee for cancelling late (within 4 hours of the class start time) and for no-shows (not cancelling yourself out of class and not showing up for class). In either case, the fee is $17.50 and will be charged to your credit card on file automatically on the day after the reservation in question.  If you need to cancel your class you must do so at least 4 hours in advance. This gives time for other people to sign up for class. Thank you for understanding and for supporting your fellow students by freeing up a spot if you’re not able to come.



We start classes promptly and we don’t allow latecomers in once class has started. Please arrive 5 min before class to guarantee your spot (see waitlist info above), put your belongings in the changeroom, and settle onto your mat.