Desk Staff

Ali first stepped into a Modo when she went to University in Hamilton, Ontario and fell in love immediately. Yoga became an essential part of her life. It continues to help her find love and acceptance for the body she is in and has become important in supporting her mental health.

She was excited when she moved to Vancouver and her sister suggested they try a class at Modo East Van (she had no idea there were more Modo’s and was extremely enthused by this glorious information).

Ali quickly felt at home at Modo East Van. It was the community she had been looking for in Vancouver- she felt like she was part of one big welcoming, accepting yoga family. To get more involved in the MYEV community, Ali joined the ambassador program and soon after, found herself in the membership coordinator position. She loves that her role keeps her active in the community and she continues to strive to memorize everyone’s names who comes to practice in the studio. Outside of MYEV, Ali is a full time landscaper and dog lover (separate jobs but both equally important). When she’s not landscaping, practicing yoga or gushing over cute dogs, she loves exploring beautiful BC and spending time with her loved ones.