What do you love about teaching? 

What I love about teaching parallels what I love about practicing. Even after 20 years, I am continually amazed that every day on my mat can feel so different. My primary goal as a teacher is to help students find a similar open-minded curiosity about their own unique bodies and experiences.

What yoga trainings have you completed?

With the Modo Community: Level 1, Level 2, Modo Flow, Modo Fit and Modo Calm. Yin with Bernie Clark and Joe Barnett. Functional anatomy with Julia Cowan, The ScoliClinic, Susi Hately, Ray Long, Stuart McGill and Jules Mitchell. Anti-oppression Education (as it relates to yoga) with Matthew Remski and Modo Yoga International

What Modo Pillar do you connect with the most?

Live to Learn. Living to Learn means I’m always researching, experimenting and questioning, so that I can help students shape yoga poses to meet their own bodies and purposes. There is no “perfect pose.”

What do you do besides teaching yoga?

You’ll often find me on my bike, in the mountains or camped out at a coffee shop drinking too much coffee. I’m also an anatomy nerd, an avid jigsaw puzzler and an expert at asking too many questions.

What’s your favourite after yoga treat?

Kind Cafe for healthy, plant-based meals. Los Cuervos for tacos and the freshest margaritas.