Manager / Teacher

In 2004, Caitlin walked into a yoga class at a Toronto studio that offered a new kind of yoga called Modo. That class was taught by a guy named Ted Grand. She loved the class, and noticed a sign that said she could volunteer in exchange for free yoga classes. She ended up cleaning that studio for 4 lovely years. Along the way she became friends with Monique, who was teaching there at the time.

She moved out to Vancouver in 2008 to go to theatre school and lost touch with her practice for a while, but then Monique contacted her to volunteer at Modo Yoga East Vancouver! That was 2012 and since then, she’s moved on to support the studio as Manager and is also a teacher. Constantly trying to find balance in this busy and sometimes stressful world, Caitlin finds that yoga keeps her centred and grounded.

While not at the studio, Caitlin is a sometimes actor, creator, and lover of coffee shops.