When I first started practicing  yoga in 1999, the physical benefits kept me coming back. I loved the amazing workout and satisfying sweat, not to mention the sense of accomplishment I felt as my strength, flexibility and balance improved.

Today, yoga still connects me to my body, but in different ways. It allows me to slow down and breathe. The noise of my life recedes. I feel grounded and resilient. Everyday on my mat feels different – body, mind, and spirit . There is always something new to learn or experience. My goal is to help others find the same.

Outside of the hot room, you’ll  often find me nerding out about anatomy, asking too many questions, cycling around town or  happily jigsaw puzzling.

My husband, Todd, and I have studied with the Modo community for Level 1, Level 2, and Flow. We have also studied yin with Bernie Clark and Joe Barnett, as well functional anatomy with Susi Hately and Ray Long.