What started as a general interest for hot yoga in 2012, has become a entire lifestyle and way of being. Through a dedicated practice I have established more patience, kindness and understanding for myself and the world around me. Not only has a yoga practice helped create more space in my mind and body but it has also offered the opportunity to travel/move around and continually have a connection to familiarity and community.

Originally from the prairies , I moved to the B.C. in 2017 and have been with a few different studios while I studied plants of the Pacific northwest on Vancouver island, volunteered and lived at a non profit campground in Squamish, and now have made Mount Pleasant and MYEV my home.

I have the intention to guide a fun, but challenging class, with a focus to transitions and different ways shapes can link. I love to share movement and yoga is one of my favorite creative expressions to do so. Aside from yoga I’m likely found walking with my dog, cycling with friends, or dancing with my love. I look forward to the opportunity to move with you.