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What do you love about teaching? 

I love watching people discover the magic of their body and mind. There is so much fun in being curious and to be together in a beautiful space, that is inclusive and supportive, allowing us to get to know every part of ourselves.

What yoga trainings have you completed?

Modo Level 1 in Toronto, Modo Level 2 in Costa Rica. I also have my ACE Personal Training certificate.

What Modo Pillar do you connect with the most?

Be Healthy. A healthy body, mind, and spirit that have been my foundation for all the other pillars to grow and thrive.

What do you do besides teaching yoga?

Honestly, it would be a shorter answer to say what I’m not into.. 😂 I love dancing, for sure dancing. I also love camping, snowboarding, and long rides on my motorcycle. And of course cuddles with my dog Quasi!

What’s your favourite after yoga treat?

Coffee and some goodies from Marche St. George. A great little cafe & a great little community.