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Dana Deoraj


I came to Modo in 2018 after spending a year battling the loss of my best friend and former love to suicide. I was looking for an alternative way to cope with the depression and anxiety that came with the overwhelming grief- that wasn’t going to see a traditional grief councillor. As an actor and performer I was trained to stay on my centre, in my voice, my mind and in my body. But when life throws you a major shift, and you fall to pieces, what do you do to get back on that centre? I spent a year indulging in the grief, sad and depressed. I pulled muscles in my body from crying so hard; my body had completely tightened up and locked down.

The New Year was just around the corner and I knew I didn’t want to waste anymore time dwelling in sadness. So at the beginning of 2018 I decided I wanted to do something that was going to put my body back together again. I found the closest Yoga studio, Modo Yoga Etobicoke, and signed myself up. I couldn’t believe the amount of release I felt in my body and in my mind after my first class. I was addicted. I vowed to go to the studio every time I felt sad and just take a class. I fell in love with my instructors and the community, so I volunteered my time at the studio once a week. A year later I headed out to the level 1 Modo training in Montreal to become a teacher.

I have been so inspired by this practice and how much healing it has offered me; it pretty much saved my life. Taking care of our mental health is so vital and I want to be able to inspire others to take to this practice. Fall apart on your mat, be a puddle, dive in, have those tears and those fears, breathe, I’ve got you.

When I interviewed to be a studio ambassador at MYE, I told Gabriela my story and she said something that has forever stuck with me. “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. This is why we come to practice.” Bring yourself in just as you are, and we’ll open up to new possibilities. We’re all in this together, right?