Deanna Drury


Deanna started practicing yoga at this Etobicoke studio back in December 2017 as an activity that could help battle personal grief and unexpected life changes. She found that yoga was a great outlet to reconnect yourself, find focus, self-discipline, and calm. It’s a practice she greatly looks forward to and wants to continue to build strength doing. In 2018, she was accepted into George Brown College, enrolled in the Special Event Management program. Now in her second year at GBC, she has been able to study, volunteer, and now meet new people in the events industry and also at this studio. Deanna wants to continue to build her yoga practice and feel confident in her strengths, help to increase personal wellness, be more aware of her own mental and physical challenges and, be able to overcome them. Deanna is very excited to be a staff member of Modo Yoga and looks forward to learning new skills, meeting new staff and studio members, and growing her own yoga practice.