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Gabriela Doiu


After attending her first hot yoga class in 2003, Gabriela immediately fell in love!  An avid fitness buff at the time, she was initially attracted to the practice for the intense workout, but quickly came to realize that it was the mental release and emotional benefits that kept her coming back. Gabriela credits Modo yoga to helping her win the battle against an eating disorder and forever changing her life.

Over the years, yoga has and continues to have such a profound effect on every aspect of Gabriela’s life that in March 2009 she decided to embark on a journey to India to become a certified Modo instructor. Fast forward a few years later and she’s taken another plunge; this time, leaving her former corporate marketing career behind, to follow her true bliss — opening Modo Yoga Etobicoke!

Gabriela feels honoured to be able to share yoga with others and positively affect change in their lives. She’s thrilled to be part of Etobicoke’s sweaty, Modo community!

“If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.” ~J.Krishnamurti