Greg Klym


Modo yoga has had such a positive impact on my life in so many ways, its really hard to express how I feel in words. I started taking classes close to five years ago at the Modo studio in Burlington while going through some real challenging times personally. Depression, anxiety and other stress related symptoms had ever so subtly crept into my world which mad day to day living an increasing struggle and created a great deal of fear and confusion within. Practicing Modo yoga along with meditation helped me to break out of a downward spiral and start the healing process. Working with the breath and the body through the asanas has helped me to gain a greater understanding of myself which in turn has facilitated positive change in all aspects of my life. Such an amazing process!!

When first starting out with my practice, becoming a teacher wasn’t something that was really on my radar. After about a year into my practice I started to entertain the possibilities. The teachers at the Modo Burlington studio had played such a positive role in my practice on and off the mat that I thought, what an incredible job this would be, to support and guide others in the fashion that I had been supported and guided. Everything seemed to align perfectly for me to take the Brazil training in January 2012, so I applied, was accepted and have been teaching every since. I truly feel blessed to be a part of the Modo community.