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Megan Whiten


I was introduced to yoga more than 20 years ago, when I was running half marathons, and felt I needed to compliment this rigorous training. Yoga really started to resonate with me in 2011, my daughter was then 5, and I was operating my restaurant “Camp” in Baby Point.  It was during this time I became a Modo member, and I felt an immediate connection to the Modo community. Practicing regularly provided a much-needed space for personal time and solace, enabling me to focus on my own growth and health.  I started to practice with more serious intent in 2016. I continue to have a very consistent practice, and find yoga allows my appreciation for the mind-body-breath connection to be fulfilled.  I have developed a deeper sense of inner peace and joy through the practice of yoga, and now through the humbling gift of teaching this practice to others. I recently completed my Pilates and Flow training, further enhancing my love of movement and working with the breath.