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Melissa Paduada


Melissa’s journey into yoga started nearly 20 years before she took the leap and did her teacher training. In those first two decades, Melissa’s yoga path was not straightforward but rather she found herself as a bit of a wandering yogi, trying different yoga and meditation traditions while traveling the world. It was when Melissa took her first Modo class in 2012 that she truly discovered how movement with breath as a shared experience within a community could foster a deeper yoga practice. This deep dive has been nothing short of humbling and gratifying. Similar to the non-linear path Melissa’s yoga journey has taken, she believes each time one steps onto the yoga mat represents a new journey and each posture offers its own unique moment of self-discovery.

These same tenets are embodied through her teaching. More of a guide, Melissa embarks on the journey with her students and encourages them to develop the groundwork of breath and body awareness while cultivating a sense of exploration and attunement by going within.