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Michelle Phillips


I came to yoga after my Active Release Therapist recommended it to me to help heal a repetitive strain injury I had developed after years of working long hours. I took my first Moksha class in January 2008 and I remember feeling such a release. I felt relaxed, peaceful and happy. I was hooked and I started practising regularly. In the beginning, I had pain in my arms and wrists and suffered from regular headaches. Eventually all those symptoms disappeared.

I completed Moksha training in July 2009, followed by Yin training in August 2011 and Restorative training in May 2012. I have attended many “Hands-On Adjustment” workshops and continue to learn from teachers, students and especially life. People who knew me before my yoga journey will tell you I’m a completely different person now; lighter, softer, happier. These are the deeper gifts I’ve received through my practice.

Accessibility resonates strongly with me. When you come to my class, I want you to feel welcomed, included, and to feel like you can access the practice regardless of your physical, mental or spiritual starting point. To that end, I love using blocks, straps, towels, blankets, bolsters; whatever props are at our disposal. I’m a big fan of the “how” of yoga so I’m a technical teacher who demonstrates. Although I love the Sanskrit names for yoga poses, my teaching comes from my own everyday life experience. Apparently, you must also have a sense of humour when in my class; people tell me I’m funny.

I practice yoga because of my passion for healthy living from the inside out. I teach yoga to help others transform into the best versions of themselves. Come out to class. I’ll meet you where you begin.