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Samantha Sabatino


Samantha first discovered her passion for yoga back in 2014 as a tool to cope with the mental stresses and anxieties of adolescence. She quickly learned that yoga was not only an amazing mental outlet, but also made her a physically stronger and more confident young woman. Sam is passionate about healthy eating and animal rights and has adopted a plant-based veganism lifestyle for over 6 years. Modo Yoga Etobicoke quickly became her second home and has worked with us for almost 5 years and is a place where she feels an overwhelming sense of belonging and acceptance. Sam always finds new ways to deepen her daily practice through different styles and teachers and is always eager to learn and challenge herself. She has recently completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in the hopes that she too can help guide young men and women to the same self love and mindfulness thats she has learned through her dedicated practice.