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Shana Pereira


I originally started my yoga practice with a desire to be physically well, I was pleasantly surprised when not only my physical body changed for the better, but my heart and mind opened, and my connection to spirituality blossomed! Through my experience I believe wholeheartedly that Yoga is a wonderful access to all that we are and all we can be!
I am a Modo, Modo Flow and SSU Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, a trained coach for self development programs, a meditation teacher, a graduate of level 2 Tantra and I have taken courses specialising in Female and Male energy. I’m continuously feeding my mind, body and spirit with what feels good to me, and that’s how I know I’m on MY path.
I am passionate about creating space for you to allow your natural blissful self to rise to the surface!
Feel free to connect with me on Instagram @shanapereira80!
“We do not see things as we they are, we see things as we are” Anais Nin