Courtney Mollins-Bidlake

Manager, Student, Teacher

My journey into yoga started in 2005/2006, when I would join my friend at her house and work through yoga dvds. My practice dwindled when I left Fredericton for Calgary until 2010, when my husband purchased me a groupon for 20 yoga classes. This deed was pivotal in my life, as it changed its course completely. I had a number of epiphanies on the mat in my Sivananda classes (the lineage from which I mostly studied/practiced in the beginning). One was that I was to become a yoga teacher, the second which was unexpected yet has been monumental, was that I was to work with expectant parents. These epiphanies started to become realities in early 2013 when I completed my Birth Doula training as well as my Dynamic Hatha Yoga training. My world was blown wide open, and the universe flooded its radiant light through every vein of my existence.
Yoga isn’t just an asana practice for me, it is a lifestyle, a root system, it is the load-bearing foundation from which I think, breathe, act and move. It is from this space that I have grown in wonderment of this life and the abundance I have received. Birth work has burst my heart wide open, and made it expand beyond cognition. Yoga has shown me that loving kindness and compassion are what matter most in this world, although it may seem like it is waning (it isn’t). It is with both of these facets that I was drawn to add Reflexology to my repertoire, which has humbled me further and for me, solidified the importance not only of selfcare but of our roots, our foundation. Our feet carry us through life, and how we treat them has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing.
Since 2013, I have also completed my 200 RYT (I am now 200 ERYT and YACEP), 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark (and Diana Batts), Pre/postnatal training with Tania McCartney and Amanda Barker, Pain Care Yoga with Neil Pearson, and Yoga for Pelvic Health by Shannon Crow. I am SO excited to be exploring the wonderments of this undetermined journey and am even more excited to meet you on it.