Nadine Marshall

Student, Teacher

Nadine is the most modest world class personal transformation teacher you will ever meet. Think “yoga teacher” + “intuitive healer” + “big sister”…

Her classes are intuitively weaved together to gently, yet directly, nudge you towards the change or release you so deeply want for yourself. Her class will be your sanctuary; your space to process, feel, & heal.

Somewhere in all this magic she is not afraid to tell you the uncomfortable truth that you really need to hear. (although, I recommend you ask her for her advice, she is not one to invade)

She is deep yet so light. Her smile & giggle help to ease any challenge you are moving through.
Her wisdom is pulled from her extensive background in yoga, trauma, mental, emotional, & nervous system health. She has guided hundreds of people into deeper connections with themselves & understandings about their lives. Her approach is effortless.

Personally, her love for life, travel, dogs, & fine food make her one of the coolest people you will ever meet.