Aura Carcueva

Modo Yoga Teacher

Aura was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 1996, part of the theatre and dance program where she received her BFA at Simon Fraser University. This is where her love of moving through space began. Aside from extensive dance and anatomy training through that program, she also discovered other techniques such as Tai chi, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Laban Analysis, and Pilates just to name a few. Who knew that her love for the arts would give her such insight in her love for yoga.

Experiencing Bikram yoga in 2002, led her to Modo yoga and she’s been hooked ever since. In 2006 Aura became a certified Modo Yoga Teacher and in 2007 became a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Since then she’s taken more workshops and classes to keep learning, to keep experiencing and to keep strengthening her knowledge.

Aura has also traveled many different places, but the one she holds dear is traveling to Trinidad to teach yoga. She carries lightheartedness in her teachings but at the same time challenges each individual to slowly peel off another layer and discover, explore, play what is already there.

Her experience and knowledge supports her teachings by honing in to proper alignment and use of breath, thus creating the space to find that balance of ease and effort. She has an eye and the touch to support a posture whether it’s for an advance student or your very first class!

Aside from the yoga studio, you might find Aura on stage, on screen, or most likely with her family.