Evan Callan

Modo Yoga Teacher

For Evan, Yoga is not so much about how far we bend, or how hard we try, but how deeply we allow ourselves to feel.

As we breathe and open, Yoga offers us the opportunity to grow in the capacity to be with the whole of our experience – both pleasant and unpleasant. As Evan sees it, Yoga is a tool of awakening and healing that can help us come to greater psychospiritual health and to deeper clarity in life off of the mat.

Evan is in regular contact with his beloved non-dual teacher, Jon Bernie, who is helping him to come to a deeper direct-experience understanding of the nature of the body-mind complex and awakening out of and through it.

The teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta, Poonjaji, and Adyashanti have also greatly impacted Evan and his understanding of Life, and they colour his teaching. Evan practices the trauma healing modality called Somatic Experiencing, and enjoys exploring how to integrate these principles into yoga.