Kelly Lepage

Modo Yoga Teacher | Aromatherapist (Current Study)

Journeying to his practice 7 years ago.Kelly has come to understand the power of gratitude, mindfulness, physical exercise, diet and positive thought. Starting his journey as early as 12 with a hard knock life. Gratefully enduring things like Seveer I.B.S other food allergies, sensitivities, A.D.D, A.D.H.D. All while battling the pain and immobility of early injuries and disorders like Scoliosis, Degenerative Disk Disease and deformed vertebrae.

Kelly began to practice breathing and meditation to help with the intense mental emotional and deeply physical stresses of such a hard path. Having taking interest in living green and sustainably while learning to manage all the health issues combined he was lead to his first practice and never looked back. At this later stage in his life trying yoga was an important step to manage serious immobility issues.

Limping, cramping and chronic pain coupled with concerning issues with his bodies nervous system nerve pain tingling numbness and the fear of being permanently disabled. Kelly started to practice, learn, grow and share willingly his struggles and success.

A true love of yoga, life, sharing and raising important awarenesses is his driving force.