Rebekah Garrett

Registered Massage Therapist

Leaving behind a thriving Massage Therapy practice in Ottawa, Rebekah moved to Guelph only a few years ago. In that time our city has stolen her heart and she has grown deep roots in the community.

Rebekah is devoted to helping clients find balance in the body, often with the results of positive changes in posture and decreased muscle and joint pain. Her passion is to help her clients return to healthy living through post-accident recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation, particularly in regards to easing restrictions due to scar tissue or muscle guarding. Massage therapy can often facilitate the process of repairing injured tissue, possibly accelerating a return to health.

Rebekah welcomes those who have poor postural habits, body pain, aches, limited movement, those recovering from an injury or surgery, or just want to unwind and relax. She encourages everyone to take charge of their own health. Life can be demanding and hectic, but don’t let a busy routine interfere with your physical and mental vitality.