Owner / Teacher

I teach: Modo, Modo Flow, Yin, Yoga HIIT

Why I love teaching: I love teaching because I can see, in the space of 60 minutes, that I am making a difference in someone’s day. There is a softening that happens, and people leave with a sense of lightness that wasn’t there when they came in. Knowing I can do this for someone is the most gratifying thing.

What I love about Modo Yoga: There is a feeling of community and support at Modo Yoga that I just don’t feel anywhere else. Not to mention that the yoga and fitness classes make me feel so healthy and strong, like I can do anything!

What brought me to Modo: I was living in a new city, I’d just been dumped, and I was feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with my academic program. I was lonely, sad, and aimless, but with a generous gift from my mama, and some encouraging words from a friend, I ventured into the local Modo studio… and I never looked back!

If I could tell first-timers one thing, it would be: No one is looking at you! This practice requires such deep concentration that everyone is just so focused on doing their own thing that they aren’t judging you. Promise!