• The Membership I am agreeing to is an auto-renew contract, with a minimum 4 month commitment (ie – four payments). My membership will continue to auto-renew on the same date each month. This means that the Membership does not end after four months, unless I cancel it according to the terms below.
  • Should I wish to cancel this Membership at any time following the initial 4 month commitment, I must fill out & submit a cancellation form at least 10 business days in advance of payment.
  • The penalty for terminating this membership before a 4-month period is $200.
  • I agree to allow Modo Yoga Halifax Inc to charge my credit card or bank account on a monthly basis for the purpose of my membership fee under the terms & conditions of my Membership Agreement.
  • I agree to inform Modo Yoga Halifax Inc of any change in my credit card information or bank account information (ie – expiry date) within 5 days of the next pre-authorized payment. – I understand that the charge for dishonoured pre-authorization payment is $20.
  • I understand that I have the ability to freeze my membership for up to 60 days one time for free per calendar year; any subsequent freezes will incur a $20 administrative fee.
  • Being a Member does not give me priority over any other clients of MYH.
  • I have rights to recourse and reimbursement if any debit does not comply with this agreement.
  • I acknowledge that accepting these terms electronically functions effectively like giving my signature; I agree that this electronic contract is legally binding.