I teach: Modo, Modo Flow, Yin

What I love about Modo: The connections that are made both on and off the mat. I first loved the simplicity of the connection between the breath and movement, and the ways that it showed me how to connect to my Self. I then loved the ways that those simple internal connections encouraged me to connect outwards; to the ways that I take space and move through and in our natural world, and the ways that I connect with others. I will always love the strength of the Modo community and how it’s taught me that I can always connect and find my way home.

When I’m not on my mat, you can find me: Seeking inspiration.

What brought me to Modo: The continuous search for balance.

What inspires me:Curiosity through depth: the richness of the breath, the space where the sky melts into the horizon, getting lost inside a colour, following the moon, the immensity of the ocean, iterations of sounds, laughing in lakes, driving cross-country with the windows down and singing along with the wind, late night conversations with loved ones, local musicians, working through the process to reach a goal, reading books recommended by friends, diving in.