It All Falls Away

Outside of Modo, I work for a consulting company as a Hydrogeologist. It can be very fast paced with very long days that turn into long weeks and long months. I am learning new things every day, and it continues to push my boundaries. I absolutely love it, but I know I need to complement this with something to avoid burn out, especially since this is something I want to continue to do for a very long time!

Haley Modo Certification

Enter Modo. Modo grounds me. When things in my life are wild and crazy and I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions (ahem, my “9-5”), when I step on my mat, all of that is silenced. It slows me down and pulls me back to the here and now. For 60 minutes, I am on my mat to connect with breath and connect back to me. Emails, planning, buying equipment – it all falls away. My practice changes depending on what I need that day, but I always leave class feeling more at peace and more clear to take on what is waiting for me. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, and then you blink and months have flown by. Modo is what keeps me grounded and teaches me to be present through everything. My practice fills me up, so that I can continue to pour myself into what lights my soul on fire. This community, and my yoga practice, are always there – never to judge, always to support.

Because I know first hand how magic this stuff is, sharing it with others in the hopes that it brings some lightness or relief or safety or peace or acceptance into their lives is what I strive for. I want to hold space for people to have the class that they need that day. The class that they can either push themselves in, take a step back, have a release of emotion, or just get out of their heads and move through the motions. I want people to leave my class feeling lighter than when they walked in. And I want them to bring that lightness into the world, because everything we do impacts people in ways we don’t even know.

Hope to see you on your mat soon, either practicing beside you or guiding you through!