Suzy Sebeslav

Yoga Instructor

Suzy came to yoga a little bit later in life; it was actually her partner who suggested it as something they could do together in early 2014. After her Intro Monthonth ran out, she knew she had to find a way to keep practicing. For Suzy, yoga felt like a way to quiet her mind and to slow down.

Suzy believes yoga is a way of living and being and what keeps her coming back to her mat is the way yoga connects her through the union of breath and movement.

Suzy teaches so she can offer people an amazing tool in a gentle and accessible way. She loves MYH because it is a welcoming, accepting and vibrant yoga community!

Outside of the hot room, Suzy’s soul craves nature, especially water. People who live an authentic and intentional life, filled with love, joy, compassion and service, continually serve as her inspiration.

Suzy is a Kindergarten teacher and she loves witnessing the honesty, joy and wonder with which young children experience the world!

Suzy was born with a rare syndrome, one of the main features of which is the complete absence of the pectoralis major (main chest muscle) on one side. This means that she has had to learn to really listen to her body and accept and embrace many limitations in her practice.