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Why Am I So Tired? Hydration Tips For Summertime Modis


It’s summertime and it’s hotter than ever.  If you love your Modo Yoga  practice in the summer and find that it actually makes the summer heat more bearable,  you are in good company here.  We see you!  

As the mercury rises and we not only keep up our practice but add in the outdoor activities that we love, the imperative to maintain optimal hydration becomes SO paramount.  

If you’re slowing down, taking naps, taking breaks and you STILL feel tired, hydration may be a contributing factor.  And, maybe you’re zonked because it’s the Monday after the 4th of July long weekend—or any weekend for that matter—where you’ve imbibed in cold beers and cocktails that have drained your body of all semblance of hydration.

Either way, ensuring proper hydration is not just about having more energy.  Good hydration also reduces headaches, increases brain function, improves our skin, reduces wrinkles, improves digestion, and our moods too!  Hydration is a fundamental aspect of optimizing our vitality. 

So with that hydration hype firmly planted, let’s dive into a few tips and recipes to elevate your hydration game this summer… and all year round.



1. Morning Hydration Ritual

Before coffee—I repeat (to myself as well)… before coffee—drink a full glass of water to awaken your system.  As the famous Emoto experiments show, water carries energy, so make this morning water a ritual and enhance it by adding a slice of lemon.  Lemon  infuses your water with a little zing, a dose of vitamin C, and alkalinity for your digestion—all of which set you up for a revitalizing day.  I set my water glass beside my bed for the second I wake up (even if I go back to sleep because I woke up too early!) Then I have another glass ready beside the kettle to circumvent any temptation to caffeinate before properly hydrating.  I’m mostly a decaf girl now, but still—I try my best to stick to the golden rule: water before coffee/matcha/anything else.

 2. Pre- and Post-Yoga Hydration

During class, take water when you need it rather than just when the teacher instructs you to drink.  In the Modo community this is encouraged and teachers will always support that you are listening to your body.  If you’re practicing with a friend maybe you’ll remind them through modelling to have a sip too.  Try to finish your water bottle before savasana begins, and then by the time you leave the room you’ll be ready for a fresh new fill-up.  Coconut water, rich in electrolytes, serves as an excellent post-practice replenisher, restoring balance and promoting electrolyte balance.  

3. Incorporate Water-Rich Foods

Somehow it is easy to forget that integrating fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelon, and oranges into your diet not only aids hydration but also supplies essential vitamins and minerals.  Take one night a week to prep all of your veggies and fruits so they’re ready to grab for a commute or quick post-yoga snack.  

4. Water Infusions

When I give a water spiel in class I’ll often have people say to me after class “I just don’t like water.”  So what to do with this quandary – you want to be hydrated but you don’t like water?  My answer is usually to try infusing your water with natural ingredients. This practice not only enhances flavor but also encourages increased water intake.  I have a few ideas for this below.  

5. Sustainable Hydration Solutions

Another obvious solution that is easy to forget.  Have your water bottle with you always.  Yes, I say – BE that nerd with a water bottle.  I am with you! Your energy levels will shift so dramatically that it’s worth being that person with the bottle, filling up at random water fountains everywhere.  Embrace the habit of having your water bottle the way you might have your phone, or your keys.  As a pneumonic, place your water bottle on that must-have list in your brain.  Try to opt for high-quality materials like stainless steel or BPA-free options to ensure your water remains free from chemicals.  And yes these are for sure available at your local Modo studio if you don’t already have one! 



Ginger Lemon/Orange Elixir

This infusion marries the piquancy of ginger with the crispness of lemon.  I make a huge batch that lasts for the whole week.  Easy prep: just throw peelsed sliced ginger and lemon/orange slices in water and let it sit. You can add sparkling water to make this even more delicious.  If you want enhanced ginger flavour and are looking to reduce inflammation you can double the ginger and boil it for 30 minutes and keep a very strong ginger mix in a mason jar.  You can then add this as the mother load to water throughout the week.   

Cucumber Mint Infusion

The union of hydrating cucumber and aromatic mint results in a drink that is the epitome of cool refreshment, ideal for combating summer heat or post-yoga thirst.  The cucumbers get a bit mushy after 3 days so this one is better made for just a few days rather than a week.

Orange Zest Hydration Delight

Love this for a change.  Add orange slices and basil leaves to water and let it sit in the fridge for 60 minutes before drinking.  You can also squeeze the orange if you want a little more flavor.

Hippie Cool Aid – Hibiscus Stevia

I love to serve this as a non-alcoholic option at picnics or parties.  The last time I did my friend said – this is like Hippie Cool Aid.  Steep 1-2 cups of dried hibiscus in boiling water.  Let it cool.  Add stevia or maple syrup and serve on ice.  If you can’t find dried hibiscus try steeping a ‘fruity’ tea (most are hibiscus-based).  “Wild Berry Zinger” by Celestial Seasons is a good option.

Non Alcoholic Pet Nat – Apple Cider Vinegar and Sparkling Water

I got this one from a friend who noticed that sparkling water on ice with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar actually tasted shockingly like an ice cold pet-nat or natural orange wine.  Try it and let me know what you think! 

I have more but I’ll leave it at that.  Experiment and share your recipes on the Modo IG page and we’ll share them on our stories! 


Hydration can start to feel like nourishment and self care rather than a boring task when you start to play and experiment with infusions.  So enjoy, drink deeply, nourish your body, and let each sip be a testament to a vibrant life.


Jess Robertson is Modo Yoga’s Co Founder, Senior Advisor, and Community Documentarian.  She is also a writer, musician, yoga teacher and Co Founder of the New Leaf Foundation. She lives in Montreal, Canada with her 2 kids.