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woman in upward dog yoga pose

Repetition as a Practice in Presence

As a yoga teacher that guides a series of postures that involve repetition, I’m often asked: “don’t you get bored?” and "isn’t it repetitive after all of these years?" But, repetition is inherent to our daily lives...


photo of wheat coloured grasses blowing in the wind

Harnessing Heart Coherence Through Breathwork Meditation

There are many organs whose functions in our bodies are not commonly known.  What does the spleen do anyway?  But we all know that without our heart pumping blood, bringing life-giving oxygen to our cells, life ceases to exist. 

* includes a 15 minute breathwork meditation practice *


Photo of 3 women laughing and hugging, holding their rolled up yoga mats

The Benefits of Practicing With a Friend

As we evolve as humans, although our options for experiences are ever expanding, it seems increasingly difficult to fit everything in.  And often times, the thing left on the proverbial chopping block is spending time with friends.  And yet there is more and more research pointing to the fact that we live longer, feel better, and even fight off disease better when we have regular interactions with friends.


Photo of a computer with people learning via Zoom.

Embarking on an (Online) Journey of Self-Discovery:  The Underestimated and Profound Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

If you are at a point in your Yoga practice where you are reading articles about teacher trainings, you already know that Yoga is not merely a physical exercise, but a holistic journey that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit and the mystery of it all! 


woman with hands in a heart shape over her belly

Gut health: Where the Microcosm Becomes the Macrocosm of Health

In the wild and wonderful tapestry of our existence, there exists a complex ecosystem as intricate and diverse as any rainforest: the human gut. This enigmatic world, consisting of trillions of microorganisms, yes trillions, plays a pivotal role in our overall health and well-being.  Let’s explore the surprising health benefits of a healthy gut.


photo of woman holding a yoga mat and looking at her smart phone

Download our new app and book your classes with ease!

We’re so excited to say that starting now, Modo Yoga studios are using a new and improved booking platform and App! Get ready for a more user-friendly interface, less clicks, and less time spent at the front desk. Here are the steps to get started...


photo of young boy in a forest looking up at the trees and smiling

Modo Community Plants More Than 9,000 Trees For Sweat For Sustainability

From September 1st – 30th, Modo Yoga studios across the community hosted weekly karma classes where 100% of the funds raised were donated directly to One Tree Planted. The coolest part? The impact of these donations is easy to see since one tree is planted for every $1 donated!


Photo of a woman sunbathing on the rocks.

Planting Seeds of Inner Peace: Exploring the Benefits of Supine Breathwork Meditation

Finding moments of deep inner calm can truly feel like a luxury these days.  The constant barrage of notifications from our phones from apps that were built to be addictive, family life, work demands, social pulls - even when all categories of life are amazing - life can be - a lot!


Photo of a forest.

Breathwork Meditation for the Pineal Gland

You may have had an experience at a studio in savasana where you feel like you’ve left your body, or you have memories from random moments, or you even see different colours, shapes or images.  When you rise from an experience like this there is often a residing calm throughout the body.  When these sorts of experiences take place physiologically the pineal gland is one of the forces at play.


Photo of an elderly woman in prayer pose.

Yoga is for everyone! Here's how to start

There are so many great reasons to practice yoga, but, sadly, I often hear people’s reasons for not doing it.  Sometimes they come from people who have never tried yoga, yet somehow “know it’s not their thing.” Sometimes I hear them from people who want to try yoga, but who are intimidated by that first class. Sometimes it’s people who have practiced yoga before, but don’t feel comfortable in a studio setting, because they are self-conscious about the way they look.


Modo Voices: Milena makes peace with her mother after a lifetime of pain

"One day, during class, I had this idea that maybe I could try to befriend my mom’s second personality. I wasn’t giving up on her. It was not easy, but I was persistent and came back to my mat to find my sense of calm and my strength."


Modo Voices: After a hockey injury, Brent discovers yoga

"Yoga gave me the opportunity to explore my authentic self in a way that hockey didn’t. Every day that I step on my mat, it helps me be who I am. It’s like your mat is your soul and that’s where you go to connect with who you are.  I remember feeling nervous that I wouldn’t be accepted by the yoga community, but I experienced the opposite. Modo Yoga defines what 'supportive community' means."


Modo Voices: Karl learns to love all his colours

"I think shame diminishes who we are and so, we find other ways of creating value in ourselves, of filling our void, and those ways aren’t always healthy -- sexual behaviours, drug abuse and addictions. These quick fixes turn into destructive habits and they don’t work. But we can nourish those vulnerable parts of ourselves through yoga, meditation, being in nature, connecting to good people and doing what we love."