Bill Eager

Teacher / Student

( William) Bill Eager has been teaching yoga & meditation classes and workshops since 2006 and is as much a student as he is a teacher with a voracious curiosity for study, learning and living yoga. For Bill, yoga is an inquiry into our true nature. An experience of energy and opposites while stretching and strengthening the body, heart and mind and most significantly, yoga is a profound way of celebrating and loving life…from levity to gravity.

“I am constantly amazed by the wisdom and power of yoga and its capacity to reach every part of us and particularly how refined breath and meditative movement accesses a clearer, more spacious view of ourselves and the world around us. I lead an all-levels teaching of vinyaysa and hatha flow with emphasis on inner and outer alignment. Alternatively, I teach yin yoga which harmonizes and heals the body at the deepest levels. Both approaches are supported by mindfulness practices including pranayama and meditation cultivating relaxed awareness that nurtures a necessary relationship with stillness. With silence. These time honoured practices are compelling and nudge us further down the path towards wholeness, love, kindness and a more fulfilled, vibrant and connected experience of life.”    

Favourite quote. “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place” Rumi