Kylie Sutton

Visionary / Student / Teacher

Kylie is a mama, wife, seeker of possibilities and sun chaser. When she is not at the studio sweating it out practicing or teaching you can often find Kylie riding her bike with her husband; Brandon and their daughter; Malaya seeking out all of the sweet gems the city has to offer. She is passionate about finding moments of stillness in nature, dancing until her soul feels full and spending genuine time with friends and family.

Kylie is originally from Edmonton, Alberta where she mentored under Angela Zawada of Modo Yoga Edmonton. She completed her Modo training in 2008 in Toronto and continued to follow her passion for the practice and teaching that led her to opening Modo Yoga Kelowna in 2011. As a mentor and teacher’s teacher, Kylie has an gift to not only see a teacher and student’s potential, but to hold space for that development to happen authentically within the student. Kylie maintains a strong personal practice fueled by a passion for learning. Committed to a lifetime of studentship, Kylie has completed over 2000 hours of teacher trainings and studied with the likes of Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Dina T, Angela Zawada, Ryan Leier, Baron Baptiste, Bernie Clark, Nicki Doane and Eddi Modestini. Kylie’s training is founded in Modo, Modo Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Powerflow, Yang Yin, Prenatal and Restorative yoga.Kylie’s passion for living a life to the fullest potential inspires her to remain a humble student with a deep commitment to personal growth. She is passionate about the foundational elements on the mat that will create a sustainable platform for continual evolution in the physical realm making her classes accessible for all levels. Kylie’s classes have the balance of the Sthira( the strength) and the Sukha ( the sweetness) encouraging you to move through edges into endless space of possibility. She is so stoked to share her teachings, experience, and wisdom that has been passed on from her teachers with all of you!