Kelly D.

I first found Yoga in 2009 during a time that felt clouded with emotional pain and darkness. I was seeking guidance and inner healing and after my first class I instantly felt the medicinal value of going inward. Hearing the call to dive deeper into my purpose, I was led to my teacher Meghan Currie in 2014 where I took a deep dive into Vinyasa + Anusara yoga. It was in my first training where I fell in love with the subtleties of our energetic bodies and the art of yoga as a way to liberate ourselves from suffering and into a life of authenticity. 
Yoga has been such a transformative + healing gift to my life. It’s been a practice that has gifted me with mental clarity and access to my intuition, while empowering me to become my own guide and teacher in this life. Movement has allowed me a vehicle for expression + an ability to connect to myself in a deeper, more holistic way. Through the power of practice and remaining a student, yoga has guided me on a journey of self discovery—aligning me to my deepest truths + inspiring me to be a more compassionate, conscious human. My hope through teaching is that I may inspire others to connect to their own inner guide and teacher, while having the courage to walk in their own truth. I teach classes that are woven with slow, strong, alignment based movement and an invitation into deep listening of your body, breath and inner energies. I feel blessed to be on this path and grateful to walk it with you.