Patricia “Trishy” Oliveira

Assistant Manager / Teacher / Student

Born in Toronto in 1992, living in Kelowna since 2010. I’ve practicing yoga asana since 2006. When I found Modo Yoga Kelowna in 2012 I was about halfway through my undergraduate degree and though I vowed never to return to the sweaty practice, it called me back in 2013. Shortly after that I began as an Energy Exchanger – volunteering my free time for free yoga during my last semester of school. This changed my practice forever. After I graduated university I found myself spending more and more time at the studio, thus it felt natural to shift into working as front desk support and found myself able to share the gift of yoga with others. After a few years behind the desk, I wanted to take sharing the gift yoga even further so in May 2016 I immersed myself in what would be my first 200 hour yoga teacher training with Susie Newson of Mocean Yoga. I taught a vinyasa based practice at the studio for a year or so before I took the great and giant leap to do my Modo 500 hour teacher training in September 2017. Within the first year of teaching Modo I have took even greater leaps and bounds towards growth and variation in my teaching, in July 2018 I began teaching Power Fuzion, an energetic class using lightweights & reps with a yoga and mindfulness based approach. After 4.5 years as a consistent and committed member of the MYK management team, I was approached with the opportunity to step up as Assistant Manager and Energy Exchange Manager and since have been more than grateful to manage the program that got me involved with the studio to begin with. As of most recently I completed my Modo Flow training in November 2018. Around the studio you can find me behind the desk, practicing beside you in the hot room, or guiding you through a Modo, Modo Flow, Power Fuzion, Warm Vinyasa, or Power Flow! Few little tidbits about me: I like dancing when I feel uptight. My favorite foods are cheerios, donuts, & bagels. My favorite pose is King Pigeon. Sunday is my favorite day of the week!