Victoria Sinopoli

In early 2016 my life began to really shift, I decided to take life in a new direction of healing. At a young age I was diagnosed with scoliosis. As time passed I began searching for natural ways to heal and understand these curves in my body.  Along the way, I found Modo Yoga. It was through my practice that I came to realize, this was my gift. This gift led me to a deeper understanding and relationship to my body, it held me accountable. It became a very handy tool, showing me clearly when I wasn’t in harmony. It is on the mat that we have the time to slow down and see things with more awareness, to reconnect to the life within and around us. The best way through the mind is through the body. When you dive deep inside, your body starts to move itself. I know the power of this practice, and I was called to share it, so here I am. Here for you. Here for me. We are all students alike on this journey.