Late Cancel Policy

In order for everyone to get the very most out of their experience with us, we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our Courtesy Policy:

  • Pre-registration is available starting one week before the day of the class, up to one hour before class starts. If you pre-register for class, you are guaranteed a spot provided you arrive at least 10 minutes in advance. After that, we may give your spot away to someone waiting on standby.
  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation online as early as possible – try to avoid leaving this to the last minute. Doing this allows someone who is waitlisted to be confirmed in the class. You can cancel up to two hours before class starts with no penalty. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to pick up the phone or check our voicemail in time, so we recommend online cancellation.
  • In the 2 hours leading up to class, you can still “late cancel” – your account will still be charged, but at least we get a heads up that you won’t be coming, so we can give the spot away to someone else. You will not be charged an additional fee for Late Cancels.
  • If you do not cancel within the 2 hour window before class starts, or do not show up for a pre-registered class, you will be charged a Late Cancel or No Show fee: $10 for Members; Loss of class for Class Pass holders; Loss of Drop In for single class.
  • If something beyond your control happens, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. Please note that No Show fees apply to everyone, even Members.
  • Waitlist: If the online pre-registration is full, you can register for the waitlist. This is only for online pre-registration. If someone cancels up to two hours before the class begins the next person on the wait list will be bumped in (and should receive an email letting them know). Emails may come up to one hour before class begins, so keep an eye on your Inbox (the email address that you use to login to your account with us is the one to watch!).