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Teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Modo Calm, Modo Level 2, Freedom Flow, Restorative

Alison was born and raised in friendly Manitoba. Growing up in Winnipeg, she spent most of her time at the local ice rink training as a competitive figure skater. Taking her first Iyengar class at the age of 17 she felt relief from tight muscles as well as an overall sense of well-being. After graduating from University, she left home to spend a year touring with Disney on Ice. That intended year became twelve years of performing all over the world as a professional figure skater. In 2007 she discovered a style of hot yoga called Modo and it became a daily practice that she wanted to share with others. The strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness, and focus once used in figure skating now make their way to her yoga mat. She loves sightseeing, seasons, spending time with friends and family, and Sunday dinners.