Teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Freedom Flow, Restorative

Amanda always considered herself to be among the least flexible, least athletic people on the planet! After being urged for years to try yoga she finally walked into a Modo studio expecting a few simple stretches, but instead left her first class sweating, smiling and invigorated in a way she’d never felt before. She knew she’d found what her body and mind were needing, and came to realize that there was flexibility and athleticism in her after all! For Amanda, yoga brings balance and peace into life’s chaos. She believes that learning is lifelong and views teaching as an opportunity not only to share something special with others, but for personal growth, self-discovery and learning as well. Amanda lives in Winnipeg with her husband and four daughters. She completed Modo Teacher training in Montreal 2014 and loves writing, smiling, sun-dresses and tea.