Devyn Plett

Teaches Modo

Devyn’s yoga journey started at Modo in 2014. Soon after her first class she fell in love with all aspects of the practice, which led her to become an Energy Exchanger.
Devyn completed her teacher training in Equador, where she especially enjoyed savasana’s accompanied by the sound of ocean waves breaking on the sand.
Devyn is committed to living yoga on the matt and in the world. She is very passionate about mindfulness and meditation, and will encourage you to stay for a long savasana after class!
Devyn is extremely grateful to the Modo community for being a home-away-from-home, and for the overwhelming support of the community when she chose to fulfill her dream and become a yoga teacher in 2019. She is super happy and honored to be part of the Modo fam!
Devyn is committed to continued learning and expanding her knowledge of yoga, and is currently attending the University of Winnipeg. Her interests include singing, writting poetry, and dancing.