Kulwant Duggal

Front Desk Staff

Born and raised in Winnipeg my mother’s nickname for me has always been “Yogi Bear”, I never knew why but it makes sense now. My yoga journey started in 2009. My friend had asked me to try Yoga with her. I really didn’t know much about it, but I was always up for trying new ways to be physically active and challenged. Well…my first yoga class EVER was at Modo Yoga Winnipeg in the form of a 90 minute Hot Flow. I can still remember the look on the guy’s face at the front desk asking me if “I really wanted this to be my first yoga class?” lol. Needless to say I was challenged more than just physically and it took me about 30 minutes to get my butt off the bench and into the shower. I had committed to a 30 day challenge so there was no option for me to quit. I kept coming back and I completed the 30 day challenge with 32 classes. The transformation mentally more than physically was mind blowing and I knew at that point that this is something I will always need in my life. I can without a doubt say that yoga has saved me in so many ways. I have such a deep gratitude for yoga and the MYK sangha
(Community). Anyone who knows me knows I hate being cold and especially having to deal with our Winnipeg winters…there is no other place for me than in the hot room!

I love to drink coffee, travel, cook, my nephew and nieces who are always challenging me with yoga poses and I love to hear all of the stories from the students who walk through Modo Yoga Kildonan. You all inspire me. Namaste.