Teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Freedom Flow, Restorative

I stumbled my way in to Modo Kildonan to do my intro month during my first year of university, and never really left. This yoga thing has affected me in ways I am still uncovering. I have learned to better love my body, to tap in to strength I did not know I have, to move slower, to be more patient (most of the time!), and to remind myself to be where I am, now, instead of always trying to get to somewhere else. One thing I love so much about my yoga practice is that it is completely portable. I carry it with me, and coming to my mat, my practice, and my breath feels like coming home, wherever I am in the world.
I attended my Level 1 Modo training in LA February 2014. Since then I completed Modo Prenatal training in Toronto October 2015 and Modo Flow training in LA November 2015. I love that Modo encourages us to Live to Learn.
I have deep, deep gratitude to MYK and the wider Modo community, and for all the students who make the effort to share their practice every day. There are amazing things happening in this community, and you are all my teachers.