Bee Smith

Bee began practicing yoga at home with her mom in 2002, but it wasn’t until 9 years later that she discovered Modo & realized she found her passion! Since falling in love with her yoga practice, yoga has helped her through the dark times of battling with mental illness,  discover the beauty in living mindfully, and to better connect to and serve others in her community.

Along side music & reiki, yoga has helped her become a more compassionate, intuitive and authentic person and she aims to bring this to her teaching as well as her daily life.

Bee attended L1 training in 2016 with intentions of spreading love and to make a positive change in the world by helping people heal physically and emotionally through yoga. She makes it a goal to incorporate the seven pillars into her daily life; especially Live to Learn, Be Peace and Be Accessible by constantly striving to step out of her comfort zone and growing humbly and joyfully.