Martha Deeks Tkautz

Studio Owner / Teacher

Martha’s yoga journey began seven years ago, when she took her first class at the Modo studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She dove into the yoga practice as she discovered how it opened her up to a whole new way of being, and credits her practice as the gateway to leading a healthy, green, peaceful, and happy life. Martha is a strong believer in the 7 Pillars that Modo stands for, and strives to draw these into her daily routines. She encourages students to let go of their expectations, and to become open to learning in every class and breath they take. Martha acknowledges that there is so much wisdom in the consistency of the Modo series. It is from this fundamental constancy that Martha has achieved breakthroughs in her daily practice, and in her being. Through over 700 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings, including:  Modo, Modo Flow, Pranayama, Therapeutic Yoga, and many years of practice, Martha still discovers something new each time she steps onto her yoga mat. 

Martha teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Vinyasa, YangYin, Yin and Meditation. She creates a space for her students to find the elusive balance between effort and ease and gently coaxes them to feel what it is like to be truly present. She encourages her students to learn from their own experience, guiding them to see, feel and discover that their own bodies and breath are their greatest teachers.

Martha offers private lessons as well and can be reached best by email.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”