Nikkoel Ozer

Coming from a career spent in medical service of other through Emergency Medical Response, Healthcare and Holistics sprinkled with a mad love of fitness, it was perhaps inevitable for Nikkoel to find herself as a yoga teacher. Having dabbled in yoga off and on for 10 years, it wasn’t until a relatively recent stumble into Modo Kingston that she found herself in an undeniable state of belonging, calm and certainty, leading her on a progressive path to become a teacher herself.

While Nikkoel’s passion during yoga class is to inspire stength and stamina through breath and empowerment, it is never at the expense of having a bit of fun. Friendly and warm, never too serious; classes with Nikkoel will be accessible to all who want to begin their own path in yoga as well as those with an established practice.

“A river cuts though rock, not because of it’s power; but because of it’s persistence.” -unknown