Bruce Horowitz

Yoga + PIlates Teacher

Bruce was swept off his feet from his initial experience in a yoga classroom. After Bruce took his first hot yoga class he was entirely consumed by the physical feelings cultivated by his body throughout the practice and the mental clarity the mind/body connection allowed him to experience. Bruce had been training passionately as a dancer/aerialist for years, and with the integration of his yoga practice he felt his skill set as a dancer strengthen, his focus became much clearer, and his hunger for life began to grow. The life changes Bruce was experiencing were a direct influence from the lessons yoga had instilled in his mind. He decided to take his yoga journey to another caliber by completing his 200 hour yoga teacher training. Bruce is continually inspired day to day by life around him and utilizes his inspiration internally to help light those around him on fire to be the healthiest, happiest, and strongest version of themselves.