Cady Olsen

Yoga Teacher

Cady found Modo in February of 2015; the same year she was diagnosed with Depression. Because of Modo, Cady found a community that cultivates love, joy, acceptance, growth, and perseverance. Modo Yoga saved her life more times than she can remember. Through yoga and the Modo community, Cady found the beauty in vulnerability, making her a better friend, better sibling, better daughter, and better person. Kitty gave Cady the opportunity to attend yoga teacher training in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Cady’s training gave her the freedom to progress in her practice both on and off the mat. She knows that at Modo, she finally has a place to feel safe, protected, and at home. As a teacher, Cady hopes she can provide that same space for all of her students.

Outside of the studio, Cady is an avid reader, weightlifter, animal lover, coffee addict, and vegan food enthusiast. She loves to travel, make new friends, and see the ocean. Cady is currently an undergraduate at Nevada State College pursuing a double baccalaureate degree in Psychology and English. She is known quite notoriously as a talker, so feel free to chat with her anytime!